What Is Zclassic?

The modern era of digitalization has transformed the concepts of everyday actions. One such innovation of the digital world is a cryptocurrency, which is a digital asset to run a financial transaction. One type of cryptocurrency is Zclassic.

What Is Zclassic?

Zclassic is a cryptocurrency or a digital asset whose founder is Rhett Creighton. It’s a fork of Zcash, and users are able to generate Zclassic through the process of mining. Rhett Creighton started Zclassic on November 05, 2016, eight days after the release of Zcash. The point of divergence between Rhett Creighton and his co-developer, Zooko Wikcox, was the team’s reward. According to Creighton, the 20% commission in Zcash has violated the rights of the developer.

In response, Creighton started the mining of Zclassic, whose technology structure was similar to Zcash. Zclassic had a slow start which created artificial scarcity of coins, and in turn, caused inflation to occur. All that chaos happened just after the launch of Zcash; however, the owner claimed market forces would determine the price, and nothing else. Now, Zclassic is a volunteer-driven cryptocurrency with no fixed compensation for its developer.

Moreover, Zclassic is a cryptocurrency which mainly considers privacy as its main motto. It facilitates the transaction between its users and uses a proof-of-work consensus system to enhance privacy. It depends on the phenomenon known as “zk-SNARKs” where zk is an acronym of “zero-knowledge proof.” The system enables users to make purchases without revealing their identity. Its blockchain shows the transaction has occurred without revealing the parties involved.

Growth of Zclassic since Its Inception

Zclassic has shown incredible volatility over the last two years. Its price went down to $0.3 in January 2017 from $5 at its inception. It gained a peak of $100 at the end of 2017. In June 2018, it suffered from a huge decline. However, it has the potential to shake-up the industry. Undoubtedly, Zclassic has shown huge volatility and uncertainty, but it maintains the spirit of cryptocurrency and blockchains. It also does not charge any tax like its other counterparts.

The Future of Zclassic

The future looks bright. The reason why Zclassic does have a seemingly impressive future is because it can be easily mined. Also, there are no fees for miners to pay to the developers, and currently, 4.2 million Zcoins have been mined, and there is approximately 21 million available. There is a real opportunity with this coin.

The Worth of Zclassic Today

Currently, the supply of Zclassic is 7,058,050 ZCL. The last known price of Zclassic was $0.417486 USD, which has toppled 8.23% over the last 24 hours. It’s currently trading on 8 active markets with $5,255 USD traded over the last 24 hours.

The following statistic will show the actual worth of Zclassic.

  • Zclassic statistics


Zclassic price      $0.417486 USD

Zclassic ROI         -92.08%

Market Rank      #571

Market Cap        $2,946,638 USD

24 Hour Volume               $5,255 USD

Circulating Supply            7,058,050 ZCL

Total supply        7,058,050 ZCL

Max Supply        21,000,000 ZCL

All time high       $248.73 USD

(Jan 07, 2018)

All Time Low       $0.289334 USD

(Jun 29, 2019)

52 weeks High/ Low        $19.53 USD /

$0.289334 USD

90 Day High / Low            $2.25 USD /

$0.289334 USD

30 days High/ Low            $1.85 USD /

$0.289334 USD

7 Day High / Low               $0.757203 USD /

$0.388921 USD

24 Hour High/ Low           $0.464173 USD /

$0.411430 USD

Yesterday’s High/ Low   $0.464173 USD /

$0.410631 USD

Yesterday’s Open / Close             $0.428350 USD /

$0.455772 USD

Yesterday’s Change        $0.027422 USD(6.40%)

Yesterday’s Volume       $31,663.99 USD